Scenarios - Hello.Wall

GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - IntroductionGossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 1GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 3
Hello.Wall - Part 2
    • Being in the Lounge Space means that one is tentatively available for a video conference. The Hello.Wall is used as an awareness tool (awareness about the remote team’s state) and at the same time as a tool to smooth transitions to place-based video communication among the remote teams’ members.

    • The interactions with the system can be seen as increasing in “level of detail”, i.e. from general awareness (cue: There is somebody at the remote place) over more “specialized” awareness (cue: Persons X and Y are in the Lounge Space close to the Videoconferencing system) to detailed information/observation or video-based communication on demand. As in preparing the ground for informal (intended, opportunistic, or spontaneous; Kraut et al.) face-to face communication, both sides approach each other by successive signals of agreement before a conversation begins.