Scenarios - Hello.Wall

GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 1GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 2GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 3
Hello.Wall - Introduction
    • The system presented here is intended to support spontaneous, informal encounters in remote locations (Lounge Spaces). The example set-up connects two remote Lounge Spaces and transmits the local "feeling of the place" to the distant location. Thereby both "atmospheres" are connected and may influence each other.

    • The set-up includes two Hello.Walls and video-teleconferencing systems (Video Trolleys and ViewPorts) at Fraunhofer IPSI & EDF-LDC. The Hello.Walls capture and radiate presence, moods, and encounter-cues through light patterns. The videoconferencing facilities serve as an option for detailed information and communication if wanted.