Software: Connecting Remote - Part 1

Short-Range Detection
    • In our setup, two lounge spaces at EDF-LDC in Paris/Clamart (France) and Fraunhofer IPSI in Darmstadt (Germany) were coupled via different media. The Hello.Wall is used as an awareness tool (awareness about the remote team’s state) and at the same time as a tool for smooth transitions to place-based video communication among the remote teams’ members. This is achieved by providing cues for encounteropportunities in remote lounge spaces. The set-up connects two remote lounge spaces and transmits the local "feeling of the place" to the distant location. Thereby both "atmospheres" are connected and may influence each other. The set-up used in the evaluation included two Hello.Walls (to be considered as a low-resolution medium) at LDC and IPSI and videoteleconferencing systems (to be considered as a high-resolution medium). The lowresolution medium captures and conveys information via different light patterns about “mood level”, “general presence level”, and “particular presence of specific people” that can be used as encounter-cues. The high-resolution medium serves as an option for detailed information and communication if wanted.