In order to inform our design also by user requirements, we created a large set of so called "bits of life", i.e. short descriptions of snapshots of situations. They were aggregated to several scenarios. Subsets of these scenarios were instantiated by creating video mock-ups showing the envisioned functionality and interaction of real people with mock-ups of the artefacts and the software. The resulting video clips were shown to potential users and discussed in focus groups.

Subsequently, we built the corresponding artefacts and software and tested them in different application scenarios. The type and range of the scenarios changed after the experience and evluation in different settings at EDF-LDC and at Fraunhofer IPSI.


Please follow these Links to learn more about our different scenarios:

  • The Connecting-Remote-Teams Scenario for the Jamboree 2003:
  • the SIAM Software Scenario for the Jamboree 2002:
  • the GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario for the Jamboree 2002:
    GossipWall and ViewPort®
  • the InfoRiver Scenario for the Jamboree 2001: