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      This is the description of the sample scenario we used for the presentation of our first prototypes that were developed for the Review at the DC Jamboree on October 18-19, 2001 in Zürich.
      It is an example of a larger collection of scenarios and so called "Bits of Life" that we developed in the first part of the project. See also "user requirements". We are currently extending the range of scenarios to cover additional situations and user requirements.

      Sample Scenario
      In the future, employees might no longer be permanently organized and assigned to defined departments of their organisation. Temporary teams will be created on demand in order to work on projects for a specified time. Projects will be announced at an open "marketplace" where potential project managers can bid for them. Once a project is obtained, the assigned project manager will announce the type of qualifications he will need in order to carry out the project. He will search for people who would meet the requirements in order to have the right mix of qualifications assembled in the project. Complementing this "marketplace of projects", there is also a "marketplace of skills" where people can offer their competencies and project managers can search for these people.