Scenarios - GossipWall and ViewPort

GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 1GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 2GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Part 3GossipWall and ViewPort Scenario - Different Modes
GossipWall and ViewPort - Introduction
    • This is the description of the sample scenario we used for the presentation at the DC Jamboree on 30.9. - 2.10. 2002 in Göteborg.
      It demonstrates functionality of the GossipWall and ViewPort artefacts. The GossipWall is an Atmospheric Display and can be understood as a piece of Informative Art. It communicates ambient information via different patterns and thereby provides awareness and notifications to people passing by. It is meant to foster social interaction. Information details from the "implicit display" GossipWall can be accessed and altered via a "borrowed explicit display", e.g., the ViewPort.


    • The following scenario shows different notification and awareness patterns on the GossipWall related to different activities such as displaying the results of votes provided by visitors at the Jamboree 2002. Furthermore, there is a game application, namely Memory. The scenario presents three modes, which correspond to three different zones of the GossipWall: The Ambient Mode, Notification Mode and Interaction Mode.