Artefacts: The Videomaton at the VideoWall

  • The role of the VideoMaton is to collect social memories of the place in the form of short video clips. This social memory will be collected in the central system managed by the ContextEngine. The ContextEngine organizes and sorts the video clips according to their recording context; the VideoMaton is also the place where users may recall, display the video clips and browse into the social memory of the place.


  • The main functionalities of the Videomaton can be divided into two different groups
    - The recording of social memory of the place through video clips
    - The display and browsing interaction of the videos in the social memory

    The research team decided to investigate these two main functionalities with 2 different design approaches: The VideoMaton recording mode is investigated through a co-design process using spot experimentations with users in different contexts to progressively map a better understanding of the problem and co-elaborate the specification of the device. The VideoMaton display mode is investigated through a full scale experimentation. It is based on a display mode (VideoWall) artefact that will be tested in relationship with another artefact of Ambient Agoras system (HelloWall) during the “Printemps de la Recherche”, a large social event hold during a week at EDF R&D division location.